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Jan 2019

Episode 88: Does Glass Break Super Hero Movies?

The critics gave their opinion and now it's time for Popcorn Prattle to give theirs in a spoiler free review! Also in this episode, we bring back the Netflix Picks and Trailer Roundup! Have you voted in the 2nd Annual Butter Bowl yet? What are you waiting for?! Vote here: https://t.co/o97hMcTkzk



Apr 2018

Episode 68- Are These Your Titans?



Have you seen the live action Teen Titans? What do you think?! Hear our thoughts as we discuss the Teen Titans set photos and much more in this ecclectic episode where talk about anything and everything before our mega episode about AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!

Today's Topics Include:

  • Atlanta: Robbin Season
  • Steven Spielberg wants to reboot Indiana Jones...as a Woman!
  • Trailer Roundup
    • The First Purge
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Ready Player One Review (Spoiler Free)
  • Troy: Fall of a City Review (Spoiler Free)
  • Go Home, DC! You're Drunk- Teen TItans Costumes
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2  Review (Spoiler Free)

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