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Apr 2018

Episode 67: Popcorn Prattle Gets SPOOPED!

April 1, 2018

WARNING: The following episode includes spoilers for the movie VERONICA... you've been warned!


It's been called the scariest movie on Netflix, but is it really? Marcus and Steven give their take on the movie, Veronica. Lindley had to work, unfortunately, but never fear because Courtney (@cupcakeowl10) from the Spoop Hour podcast (@spoophour) is here to fill in! Was she able to keep her eyes open for the movie or was she too scared? Find out now!

Tonight's Topics Include:

  • The Return of the Great Shakey Cam Debate! (With just a hint of art discussion)
  • Veronica Review (Spoilers...Duh!)
  • Discussion: Do horror movies need to be based on true stories to be scary?
  • Discussion: What makes a great horror movie?

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